I Speak To Dead People, Story Time

So I Think Either God Or Frank Sinatra Is Speaking To Me From The Grave.

(I’m secretly hoping it’s Frank Sinatra. I feel like he might be slightly less judgmental.)

Regardless, lately when I’ve been feeling down about my current situation, suddenly Frank Sinatra comes on the radio/tv-commercial/the sky singing “My Way”. It happened twice and I thought nothing of it, but then it happened a third time today (in German, no less), so I’m officially declaring it a sign. From whomever.

(Possibly Sinatra himself. Probably, in fact.)

This just proves that I am supposed to do it “My Way”. (I refuse to say I “took the road less traveled by”. Everyone can appreciate Frost, but it’s kind of a cliché.)

Therefore, in the spirit of doing it “My Way”, I will now proceed to drink the rest of my beer and watch “Clueless”. God (or possibly Frank Sinatra) is definitely on my side.



7 thoughts on “So I Think Either God Or Frank Sinatra Is Speaking To Me From The Grave.

  1. You just followed my blog and so I came here to check out yours.

    Whenever I read of someone reading stuff into a song, I feel the need to tell them “you’ve got a friend.” Not me, of course. But I lived overseas for a while and every Time I turned on the one English station, they’d be playing that song. And not by Carole King, who wrote it. Not by James Taylor who made it #1. Nope. By everybody else whose stood in front if a mic.

    Let that be a lesson!

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    • Maybe England was trying to ask you to be it’s friend? It was like, “Ya know, if you call out my name, wherever I am at that moment, I’ll totally come hang out. I’ll bring a 6-pack and Australia, and we can chill out to some Queen. Because you’ve got a friend.”


      • That’s the best answer I’ve ever heard for the weird phenomenon. Literally, the English station played it all the time — and always by someone other than JT or Carole King. There are over 300 versions of the damn song and I heard every single one.

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