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American Horror Story: Waiting for a Text Message

Also, this is amazing and needs to be read by the masses.

Fat & Gay

cb0c81feda784410f913a39ecc5cceb3Have you ever brought yourself through an emotional roller coaster ride that is waiting for a text message from that wicked cute guy you exchanged numbers with at the bar a few weekends ago and you guys have been texting ever since. Well, one day you have to do the horrifying first text and it’s probably one of the most emotionally draining things you can do:

1.) I haven’t heard from cute boy today

2.) I’ll text him maybe he will come over later

3.) He’s so cute

4.) Wait like what do I send “Heyyy” or “What’s Up?” I literally don’t know omg

5.) Okay fuck it I’m gonna go with “What’s up?”

6.) “What’s up?”

7.) Okay there it is sent I don’t know why I stress on things like this

8.) Fall is basically over and we don’t have an Insta in pumpkin patch yet, how annoying

9.) I mean it’s only…

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