“This article delivers 5 great tips for females from a male’s perspective…. So you’re probably asking the question “how does he know how it feels to be a woman?” I don’t really,but I was raised by women, my best friend (my sister) is a woman and I am married to…you guessed it, a woman. And the fact is, there are too many women out there that don’t know how great they are and what they truly mean and bring to our world, this is a reminder.”

Pulse Cola

This goes out to ALL aspiring young females who have recently become adults and are entering the big world with a universe of opportunities available, the sad thing is, is that sometimes many of you throw your life away so early before you even have a chance to get it in gear, and the thing that stinks it that it happens to you more than men because women aren’t as likely to disappear from their problems like boys do. Here are 5 strong statements for you to live by.

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White Girls Be Like

Hey there, I'm Alanna. I can't give you my last name for legal reasons, but you probably won't pronounce it right anyway. This is a blog about various occurrences in my life and also some of my thoughts and feelings about things, otherwise known as "what white girls be like". It's true. We be like... "Cats, Lana del Rey, Coors Light, and Twitter". If you disagree, please comment and tell me to shut up. Otherwise, enjoy! :)


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