I’m Grateful For Things That Never Stop Being Funny

(According to me. If you disagree or would like to add some, please type it loud and proud in the comments. Or evaluate me on a psychological basis. It’s up to you.)

This is my gratuitous “What I’m Thankful For” post. Though often trite, these posts are necessary to mankind because we’re all usually ungrateful dicks. So here’s my list of things that I’m thankful for never ceasing to make me laugh.

1. Poop.

Self-explanatory. If you disagree, you clearly don’t know any gastroenterologists.

2. “Today Show” Fails.

Drunk people on morning tv? Never gets old. Specifically ANYTHING Matt Lauer does or says. The man is a god.

Matt Lauer good cheese gif

3. Cats doing anything.

Need I say more?

4. Twitter.

Funny Tweet 2

5. Farts.

6. The Clip of George W. Bush Dodging That Shoe.

George W Bush shoe throw gif

7. Drunk Animals on YouTube.

Look it up. You won’t be sorry.

8. Larry David.

Larry David faint gif

9. The Movie “Super Troopers”.

You can agree or not. I’ll still be laughing.

10. Henry Winkler.

Just because. It’s like asking “Why is poop funny?” It just is.

11. People Falling.

Risky Business Fall gif

12. Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Together.

They’re amazing. I wish I had a best gal pal.

Tina Fey Amy Poehler gif

So that’s my list. What about you people? What never stops being funny to you?

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White Girls Be Like

Hey there, I'm Alanna. I can't give you my last name for legal reasons, but you probably won't pronounce it right anyway. This is a blog about various occurrences in my life and also some of my thoughts and feelings about things, otherwise known as "what white girls be like". It's true. We be like... "Cats, Lana del Rey, Coors Light, and Twitter". If you disagree, please comment and tell me to shut up. Otherwise, enjoy! :)

17 thoughts on “I’m Grateful For Things That Never Stop Being Funny”

  1. I would say that the word Fart(number 5) is way more funny than the actual act of someone Farting. Case in point, the film The Nutty Professor, the scene with the Klumps sitting around the table Farting….not that funny….but….The Proud Native American looked down upon his people, their faces tired and worn from the days fighting. He raised his fist into the air and let out the most deafening scream, letting them all know that it was over, that they had finally won. From that moment on and forever more, he was to be known as Chief Red Eagle, leader of the Irigwa tribe…..Fart.
    See, much better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha very true. Although I do enjoy farting in front of my boyfriend because he can’t smell and he gets really mad. Especially if it’s silent and my butt is near his face. Then my laughter sometimes leads to more farting. (In case you wanted too much information lol)


  2. I have to comment on your comment– your boyfriend can’t smell? Really? Did something happen to him or was he born that way? This is fascinating! Does that mean he can’t taste things either, since smell and taste are connected? YOU MUST WRITE AN ENTIRE POST ABOUT THIS!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, maybe I will write about it. He talks about it a lot and tries to bore me with facts about it. It’s called “anosmia” and he’s pretty sure he was born with it because he never remembers a time when he could smell.



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