Does “Good Friday” Seem Like A Bit Of A Misnomer To You Guys? I Don’t Really Get It.

(I feel like Jesus would probably be all like, “‘Good Friday’?? Maybe you assholes should get nailed to a cross and tell me how ‘good’ it is then. Dicks…”)

So today I’m at my mom’s house and am supposed to be doing laundry but I can’t seem to justify getting off the couch. It’s Good Friday, but not being allowed to eat meat and doing silent prayer for a whole hour isn’t exactly my definition of “good”.

(Then again, I completely forgot it was Lent until a few days ago so I’m not an expert in this area.)

Sometimes I feel like Mac when it comes to religious knowledge.
Sometimes I feel like Mac when it comes to religious knowledge.

Back in the day when I was in elementary and middle school, we used to do this crazy all-day church thing where we’d go through all the stations of the cross and pray the rosary. It was pretty much just a giant clusterfuck of kneeling and standing back up and kneeling down again.

It’s quite like P90x without the techno music in the background.

There was also the slightly disturbing practice in which they’d make the 8th graders act out “The Passion of the Cross”. If you’ve ever seen the Mel Gibson movie, it’s like that except with children. We’d all be assigned parts and the poor slob who was Jesus had to stand in front of the whole church covered in fake blood while the rest of us yelled, “CRUCIFY HIM!!” over and over again. Then he had to carry around this like 50-pound cross for 2 hours as we acted out every single part of the story.

I had this big speech about how we all realized after the fact that we were dicks and shouldn't have let Jesus die.
I wish you could see the others’ faces because their fake sadness is hilarious. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

I had this big speech about how we all realized after the fact that we were dicks and shouldn’t have let Jesus die. I just watched the video my mom took of it, and at this one part the kid who plays Jesus falls over with the giant cross. It’s amazing but I can’t show you for privacy reasons. I’m so very sorry…

So anyways, have a pleasant Good Friday and no matter what you believe, you’re all awesome for reading this. God and/or Kabbalah Monster thanks you for your time.

YOLO Jesus meme

(P.S. Why did everyone stop saying “YOLO”? I miss it.)

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17 thoughts on “Does “Good Friday” Seem Like A Bit Of A Misnomer To You Guys? I Don’t Really Get It.”

  1. That’s amazing and ridiculous.
    I am not at all religious but my husband is Catholic. Was he not supposed to eat meat today because I totes packed him pasta and meatballs for work.

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      1. I’ve also been wanting to ask… are people in PA obsessed with It’s Always Sunny? No one in my family watches it (and they’re ALL from PA) but I’m obsessed. <3 Charlie <3

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            1. YESS!! That episode was fantastic. I loved how they directed it, it’s the kind of thing that makes me wanna work in tv. My favorite episode this season was the first one where they try to break the Boggs record. Every time I watched it I tried to match Dee’s number but I just kept blacking out lol

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  2. So what format was your mom’s video? I guess I’m so old that if they had any video of my it would have to be VHS. We didn’t have a freaking video camera, so any video of us would have been grainy old MTV style crap. I forget that young millenials like you probably grew up with cell phone video that could easily be uploaded to YouTube. Bitter Grumpy Old Ben rant aside, I would love to see that video. So Funny.

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    1. Lol, actually it was early 2007 so I don’t think smart phones happened yet (if I remember correctly). The video was taken with a digital camera so it’s in like 5 parts. I’m thinking about taking some screen shots and posting more pictures because it truly is hilarious and my acting is so terrible. I love it haha.


  3. I tried out Sunday School for like two weeks and hated it. All I remember doing is forming a circle and singing “It’s a Small World”. To be honest, I forgot it was even Easter this weekend! Whoops.

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    1. Lol I know right? Monday my mom was like, “So are you coming over Sunday?” and I’m like, “Uhh…I don’t know, am I…?” With school trying to murder me and getting sick for a week, I totally forgot. I didn’t even realize it was Lent until I noticed my father hadn’t used the word “fuck” in a long time but then he told me he gave up cursing. I don’t participate anymore but my parents go hard

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  4. All day church.
    Bless your soul.

    …I’m glad you’re going to heaven – even if you don’t attend as frequently now, you earned yourself plenty of points in that getup to gain entry – I’m sure of it.

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  5. To really get in to Good Friday, you need to develop a close relationship to Jesus Christ in your heart and mind. Consider that He Resurrected with His wounds, and think about how a true friend would console and help a friend by treating His wounds, perhaps through true love, that is, following His words. Sin opens His wounds, so try to give him obedience in your prayers, and draw closer, and you may begin to understand.

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