Turn Noun For What?! (Bacon Style)

(Sometimes I feel like my whole life is about bacon. And I’m quite often correct in that feeling. That’s why you’re reading this right now. “Bacon” was my fault.)

If you’ve seen the buzz around here or read my last reblogged post, you already know about the experiment by the lovely and talented Jessie Janelle Reyna and her noun experiment. Today’s noun is “bacon”. Brought to you by the letter “B”.

Patrick Stewart B or not a B
That is the question.

I grew up with parents who ate extremely healthily(ish) so we never had bacon in the house.

(Unless it was Canadian bacon. Which bothered me. No offense, Canada. It’s just that your bacon kinda sucks.)

So now that I’m a “grownup”, I have bacon all the time. But contrary to popular belief, there can be such a thing as too much bacon, and I’m living it. My boyfriend (Alessandro) shares many commonalities with Ron Swanson: the mustache, the stubborn nonsense, and a love for bacon that rivals his love for me.

Bacon is in pretty much everything I eat because Alessandro uses bacon and bacon fat like other people use oil or salt. The other day I came into the kitchen and frying in the pan was the largest piece of bacon I’ve ever seen. About a foot long, 4 inches thick and 4 inches deep. (I should’ve taken a picture.)

My house is like this:

Ron Swanson Bacon gif
Ron Swanson Bacon gif 2
Ron Swanson Bacon gif 3

It’s scary. And often smells. It’s gotten to the point where I get nauseous if I smell pork cooking.

But that doesn’t matter. Because bacon is like crack so I eat it anyway.

Well, that’s all for me. Check out the crew of “Turn Noun For What?!” and read more about bacon and stuff.

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(Also, here’s something fun for you all):

Ron Swanson bacon gif lol

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22 thoughts on “Turn Noun For What?! (Bacon Style)”

  1. Well hello my bacon loving friend. I was unaware of your love for this particular pork product. I learn something new about you all of the time. Thanks for thinking up an interesting noun for all of us to write about. The last graphic of the bouncing-bacon eating head is strangely hypnotizing. I can’t stop watching.

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  2. I love Canada (because, among other awesome things (like mountains) they are the source for delicious Tim Horton’s doughnuts (donuts?). However, they should be forced to give up the use of the term ‘bacon’ for that abomination of a meat.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. If they haven’t discovered what real bacon is yet, I vote they don’t get to know for foisting whatever Canadian bacon is upon the world. They’re stuck with what they have (and should be forced to rebrand it).

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  3. When I moved away from home I was so excited to eat whatever junky cereal I wanted, and no matter the time of day. The only cereal my mom would buy was plain Cheerios. BORING.

    Love all the bacon posts. Proof there is no such thing as too much bacon!

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  4. I know some real Canadians have already weighed in on this, but I’ll just share this: I saw a Canadian comedian on a talk show pull out a package of Canadian bacon and say, “In Canada we call this ‘ham’.”

    And while I understand the appeal of bacon I prefer sausage. Specifically little round sausage patties. Like bacon they can be made crispy enough in the microwave that they’re dry so you don’t have to worry about grease on your hands. You could probably cook with the grease, although the only thing I could think of to cook with it would be more sausage.

    Over in the UK they have this amazing thing called a Scotch egg. It’s a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage. Put that next to a glass of actual Scotch and you can slap the “Part of this complete breakfast” label on it.

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