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“Another Pretty Little Liars Discussion with Alanna”

Jessie and I once again discuss the madness that is Pretty Little Liars and hate on the writers. (Really. Like, why even bother telling us who “A” is if you’re just gonna take a dump on us?)

You're Fine

Back in June, Alanna from White Girls Be Like… and I discussed the unrealistic storyline of Pretty Little Liars. As we prepared for the summer premier, or as they called it, the “Summer of Answers”, we were excited to see how this whole Charles DiLaurentis debacle panned out. Well folks…it’s been exactly one week since we found out who this “A” is, and we are still scratching our heads. What’s new, right?

To some of you, this may not be a big deal. Finding out who “A” is. I’ll tell you why it’s a big deal for us. First of all, I remember seeing the previews for the up and coming show Pretty Little Liars back in 2010. I thought it looked stupid. Given the title, which is a horrible title, it just looked like a bunch of little assholes who lie and manipulate each other. Which is true…

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