“Another Pretty Little Liars Discussion with Alanna”

Jessie and I once again discuss the madness that is Pretty Little Liars and hate on the writers. (Really. Like, why even bother telling us who “A” is if you’re just gonna take a dump on us?)

Back in June, Alanna from White Girls Be Like… and I discussed the unrealistic storyline of Pretty Little Liars. As we prepared for the summer premier, or as they called it, the “Summer of Answers”, we were excited to see how this whole Charles DiLaurentis debacle panned out. Well folks…it’s been exactly one week since we found out who this “A” is, and we are still scratching our heads. What’s new, right?

To some of you, this may not be a big deal. Finding out who “A” is. I’ll tell you why it’s a big deal for us. First of all, I remember seeing the previews for the up and coming show Pretty Little Liars back in 2010. I thought it looked stupid. Given the title, which is a horrible title, it just looked like a bunch of little assholes who lie and manipulate each other. Which is true…

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The Fundamental Dynamics Of All Things Ridiculous Portrayed in Pretty Little Liars – Featuring Alanna from White Girls Be Like…

Jessie and I discuss the complex nature of “Pretty Little Liars”. Check it out and chime in, even if you’ve never seen it. Everyone’s opinions are important here.

***Contains Spoilers. If you don’t give a hoot, then go ahead and keep reading.

Alanna and I started discussing Pretty Little Liars. Since the new Season 6 premiers tonight, we thought we’d get in the PLL spirit. It’s rare to come across a fellow specimen who enjoys Pretty Little Liars every Tuesday night. As much as we love the show, its intensity and mystery behind every episode, we also can’t help but make fun of it. Of course, this isn’t a show that someone can just relate to. A group of high school girls being stalked by an unknown masked human being dressed in all black who manipulate, control, and harass them on a daily basis following the murder of their best friend. It’s not everyday a story like this is on national news. I don’t doubt that something like this could happen. I mean, come on. We have wifi…

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“My New Experiment” By Jessie Janelle Reyna

(Or just people reading this. Not trying to exclude anyone here.)
Read this post by the lovely and talented Jessie Reyna and come join the party!! Or just check out the awesomeness and tune in to watch her awesome writing experiment. It’s gonna be spectacular.
Guaranteed or your money back.


I’ve always wanted to start some sort of blog trend, not that I think this will pick up anything on the big, massive web, but at least it’s a fun little trend for me personally, and hopefully, for writers everywhere.

I graduate in three short months from my program, and I have to prepare an hour long seminar as my graduate presentation. I’ve been thinking about this project for the past two years, toying with many different ideas until finally the one I’ve come up with stuck, and I’d like to practice this presentation through my blog.

Perhaps you don’t struggle with this as a writer, but I certainly do. I’m very scatterbrained. The moment I stepped onto Enders Island for my residency, the very successful Da Chen, asked, “So, what are you writing about? What is your story?” As a scared little 22 year old girl, I had…

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An Interview With Yours Truly (Stuff You Never Needed To Know)

Hey everybody!!!

Go check out my interview with Eric and Denise on Opticynicism!!

It’s awesome and you can find out more about me because we all know you want to…

UPDATE: December 10th, 2014

I finally made a Facebook for my blog so check it out too! (Love you guys)

Check Out Endearingly Wacko And Laugh Your Pants Off!

(Thank you to Gina at Endearingly Wacko for the Funny Blog Friday contest award!! I’m totally gonna prank everybody. Here’s a bit from her latest blog post so go read it and get some LOL’s.)

The time I found a human skull on the balcony

“A few days ago I received an email from a friend that said this:
“We found this next to the Goodwill box at the cardboard recycling center. We looked inside and surprisingly, it did not contain a human head.”
First off, I have to say that I love it that I have friends who will send me messages like this. I opened this email on my phone and there was no photo attached to it. I was like, “Nooooooooooooo!”. How could such an awesome lead-in be missing the punchline? I checked my desktop computer and was relieved to be able to see the photo. Here it is:”

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Tampon Anonymous

“Some suggestions for Feminine Hygiene companies”


Sometimes having a heart to heart is really tough. However, with some honest dialogue there is room for growth. That being said… Pull up a chair and lets have a little chat. I would like to talk about something in your pants that every so often involves a man in your life.

You see the problem almost always starts out like this:

Supermom: Hey honey! Are you stopping by the store on the way home?

Me: Yeah I was going to pickup a case of Old Spice, some wood screws, and some beer.

Supermom: Great! I am trying to not stab the dog and cry randomly in front of the kids so I need you to get something for me while you are there.

Me: No problem sweetums. What do you need? (I think I know at this point)

Supermom: I’m feeling a little crampy and I think I am…

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