Tampon Anonymous

“Some suggestions for Feminine Hygiene companies”


Sometimes having a heart to heart is really tough. However, with some honest dialogue there is room for growth. That being said… Pull up a chair and lets have a little chat. I would like to talk about something in your pants that every so often involves a man in your life.

You see the problem almost always starts out like this:

Supermom: Hey honey! Are you stopping by the store on the way home?

Me: Yeah I was going to pickup a case of Old Spice, some wood screws, and some beer.

Supermom: Great! I am trying to not stab the dog and cry randomly in front of the kids so I need you to get something for me while you are there.

Me: No problem sweetums. What do you need? (I think I know at this point)

Supermom: I’m feeling a little crampy and I think I am…

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I actually posted this over 3 years ago, but it still applies and it (they, it ended up being a series of 4) was probably the most popular posts I’ve ever done.  This is the first of the series.  I hope you and everyone else enjoys!

Visit me anytime at www.opticynicism.com – Comedic verbal therapy for my ever growing list of mental disorders.  I make you laugh so I don’t cry.
Eric Waechter”

Don’t Ever Say You’re Bored

“Delores Obscure is a guest blogger on creativefreeflow, our main blog.”

Delores Obscure


Don’t Ever Say You’re Bored

I have to get this off my chest ‘cause it’s working on my tits.

Don’t ever say you’re bored. Ever.

You’re a disgrace to yourself and the entire human race.

It pisses me off that bloggers write about how bored they are. If you blog, you have access to the Internet, for godssakes. Don’t waste our time; no-one wants to hear how you can’t fucking keep yourself busy, what with a fair-sized brain and all.

And don’t waste your time. Like it or not you don’t have much left.
How old are you?
19? You don’t have much time left, sweetheart. Believe me.
25? The smell of death is already in your nostrils.
43? Do those earlobes go flabbier each year?

Do something with your time. Here are a few suggestions:

Learn how to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘could you help me?’ and…

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Guest Post: Death of the “TO DO” list

From Creative Blog Mom

Death of the “TO DO” list
Do I rest or do I get stuff done?
If I rest, I’ll feel better.
If I get stuff done, I’ll feel accomplished.
If I rest and don’t get anything done, I’ll be pissed the next day that I still have that stuff to do.
If I get stuff done, it still won’t be enough, and I’ll still be tired.
I don’t make ‘to do’ lists anymore.
It’s too depressing. They only get longer.
I never get to cross anything off.
Oh well. I really don’t care.