Blogging: I CAN Have It All

Having it all… “My blog touches on the sea and sky and pitfalls on the trail. I have a wide audience, many single and married with different worldviews.”

A Holistic Journey

I started this blog as a writer and now am writing you as a blogger. Did you know I care about my numbers? Did you know I think my readership rocks, not just for the depth but for the size? I have readers who have bolted their seat to this blog. Anyone who wouldn’t want that, raise your hand. Anyone who would rather have 500 subscribers over 5000, feel free to leave the room. You’re not for real. In my miniseries on successful blogging, I said almost a year ago,

I discovered my blog would be an art gallery – at least an attempt at one. Not with paintings or photographs, but words. And so the way I give birth to my posts fits that vision. If I had to choose between searching for the perfect word and befriending 20 new bloggers in a given window of time, there…

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Je Ne Comprends Pas : Things that I Don’t Understand

“I just graduated with a M.A. in English writing (Woot! Wait, does anyone ever say “woot” anymore? Well, if they don’t, they should.) but, of course, I can’t stop there. So, PhD here I come! My blog, At the Foot of the Sierras, is about the tribulations, jubilations, and contemplations of me trying to break into the literary world, finish my education, and enjoy life while attempting to stay sane. I also post advice every other week on how college students can improve their GPAs and even obtain a perfect 4.0 GPA.”

At the Foot of the Sierras

This week’s post, as if you couldn’t already guess by the title, is about things that I don’t understand. Believe me, there’s a lot to list, but I’ve narrowed it down to a few.

Nothing about this goose makes sense.  Why does the adolescence period have to made him so . . . well, not cute?  Why did he bend his neck over like that? Photo By: Elizabeth Preston Nothing about this goose makes sense. Why does the adolescence period have to make him so . . . well, not cute? Why did he bend his neck over like that?  That can’t be comfortable.
Photo By: Elizabeth Preston

1. Stainless steel. Stainless? Really? Either someone doesn’t understand what “stainless” means, or that person has a sick sense of humor. If it’s the second case, then I applaud you, sir/madam.

2. Weenie dogs. So long, so short, such tiny legs. I know that they were bred for flushing out and hunting burrowing animals. Still, they make no sense, and yet they’re adorable, which, again, makes no sense.

3. Why do you always wait two hours at…

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“This article delivers 5 great tips for females from a male’s perspective…. So you’re probably asking the question “how does he know how it feels to be a woman?” I don’t really,but I was raised by women, my best friend (my sister) is a woman and I am married to…you guessed it, a woman. And the fact is, there are too many women out there that don’t know how great they are and what they truly mean and bring to our world, this is a reminder.”

Pulse Cola

This goes out to ALL aspiring young females who have recently become adults and are entering the big world with a universe of opportunities available, the sad thing is, is that sometimes many of you throw your life away so early before you even have a chance to get it in gear, and the thing that stinks it that it happens to you more than men because women aren’t as likely to disappear from their problems like boys do. Here are 5 strong statements for you to live by.

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Everybody Loves Comedy And Free Shit. Get Yours Here!

(Seriously, folks. Tell your friends. Get hyped. There are gift cards at stake!!)

Okay, so in honor of next week’s first official Funny Blog Friday #FBF (which you can read about here), I’m hosting a little competition. Basically, you can submit a great post to me, new or old, that I will post on my blog next Friday (October 31st) when there will be a lot of traffic.

(We’re pretty much starting a social media movement. Like Live Aid but better.)

My favorite submissions will be posted here and the best post will be featured and that person will get a $25 gift card to their choice of these establishments. (Only because they’re the only gift cards on Amazon that can be delivered virtually.) Then, next Friday, there will also be a lottery for another gift card for anyone who comments on my post that day. Even if it’s just, “I wanna be in the prize pool. Peace out.” Or even, “Blughkfaekaaeecxg.” The sky is the limit. 

Although you must comment on MY post on MY site. The other participants are also doing giveaways so I won’t be able to see if you post elsewhere. If you don’t have a blog, you can email me that day and still be included.

Now to the contest at hand…

Pick/write your favorite post that you think the world needs to see and email it to me. This part is crucial. YOU MUST EMAIL ME. You can also include a description of your blog and a bit about yourself in the post and/or email. Remember to sign your name and a link to your blog so people can find you. You can use pictures, videos, whatever. I will not edit your post at all, so you have to proofread it yourself, and you can be confident that I won’t add anything to your beautiful work. HOWEVER, I’m all about free speech, but I WILL NOT POST AND RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, SEXIST, OR ANY TRULY OFFENSIVE STUFF. Leave that noise on your own blog. I just won’t allow it on mine. Your post can be about anything at all (other than the aforementioned “-isms”), so go crazy. If you have any questions, you can totally email me or comment on any of my posts. You should add my email to your contacts list so it doesn’t get spammed.


A L A N N A B E L I K E @ G M A I L (dot) C O M

If for whatever reason you can’t email me there, leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Here’s the list of gift card places to choose from in case you can’t see the above link:

AMC Theatres
American Eagle
Aurelio’s Pizza
Bass Pro Shops
Beaches Restaurant & Bar
Black Angus
Boudreaux’s Cajun Kitchen
Buca di Beppo
Buffalo Wild Wings
California Pizza Kitchen
Cattleman’s Roadhouse
Chili’s Grill & Bar
Cold Stone Creamery
Cracker Barrel
Dickey’s Barbecue
Dilly’s Deli
Domino’s Pizza
Forever 21
Grinders Above & Beyond
K&W Cafeterias
La Madeleine
Legal Sea Foods
Logan’s Roadhouse
Macaroni Grill
Monkey Burger
Mr. Chicken
Panda Express
Papa John’s Pizza
Red Robin
Si Senor
Spafinder Wellness 365
Sports Authority
Sur La Table
Texas De Brazil
Texas Roadhouse
The Cheesecake Factory
The Container Store
Uncle Julio’s

So get writing, people! $25 is on the line!!

(Contest ends by Thursday at 11:59pm Eastern Time. But probably more like 2:00 or 3:00am Friday because I’ll be handing out candy and drinking.)